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New Launch of
Healthsector Discounts Club

The Healthsector Discounts and Benefits Club is being transferred to it’s new home. It has been upgraded and improved in order to prepare for the new Discounts and Benefits Portal that is being launched on on 1st January 2017. The Healthsector Discounts Club is exclusive for all healthcare personnel and their immediate family members.

Transferring most of circa 8000 local businesses has now been completed covering over 400 different categories and over 1,200 locations. In addition to updating our benefits directory we have also been adding larger retail shops, restaurants, cinemas, spas etc. And while we are still adding many more shops , businesses and services regularly the new team has agreed that the start of the New Year is an ideal time to launch the new site and it’s new card.

The new Discount Card is embedded with the latest QR technology for easier validation purposes and we will ensure that all existing card holders will be given absolute priority when applying for their new card so that they receive them well before the 28th February 2017 when the old one will be phased out.

The past nine months has witnessed major policy shifts in the NHS both in the secondary and primary sectors. With the promise of a national roll out of Integrated Care Hubs and more Services in-the-Community 2017 promises an even more challenging environment for the entire health sector. which was set up some eight years ago serviced the entire NHS as it then existed, but given the dramatic changes which have brought about the transformation of PCTs into Clinical Commissioning Groups, the expansion of Foundation Trusts, the introduction of Federated GP practices and PolyClinics a new more relevant website has been created to better reflect the new NHS. has been designed to reflect most of the changes that are happening, but very importantly it has retained and will expand one of the more popular portals of the HealthSector site, namely the Staff Discounts and Benefits Club.

We hope that the new site will exceed your expectations in every way, please CLICK HERE to join now.