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  • Do you support the NHS database?

    The Privacy Impact Assessment admits it could damage public confidence in the NHS and cause patients to withhold information from doctors out of fear it may not be kept confidential, according to The Telegraph.

    However it says: “While there is a privacy risk that the analysts granted access to these pseudonymised flows could potentially re-identify patients maliciously by combining the pseudonymised data with other available datasets (a technique known as a jigsaw attack) such an attack would be illegal and would be subject to sanction by the Information Commissioner’s Office.”

    It comes amid a growing backlash from family doctors and privacy campaigners over fears that the data could be misused and follows the release of NHS statistics which showed that the health service is losing or breaching 2,000 patient records each day.

    •    Would you allow your data to be shared?
    •    What improvements do you think could be made?

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