ineeda- Specialized Medical Care at your fingertips. -

Smart phones have become hand held instant Search & Information devices that include fully integrated software that will pin point your position within a three yard accuracy error.

INEEDA which is set to go live in the new year has fused a detailed medical services directory with the embedded GPS function on every smart phone to offer Smart Phone users immediate access to emergency and non-emergency medical assistance.

INEEDA is the App that will change or save your life. A sudden onset of chest pains, the symptoms of a stroke or a seizure for example are illnesses which require immediate treatment. The minutes really do count and INEEDA will save you precious time which could make all the difference.

Working with official NHS and Private healthcare site data INEEDA has developed the first fully integrated comprehensive medical site and service locator. The App has been designed to ensure that it is exceptionally easy to use. All that is required is that the user identify what they need. INEEDA a doctor, INEEDA an A & E unit, INEEDA a Chiropractor and so on.

Once you’ve located the service that you need the APP will do the rest

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Find help simply by searching the problem. ineeda has an intricate keyword recognition system that quickly finds the treatment most suited for your emergency and then plots the fastest route using your current location. If you are trying to help a friend or family member at another location, simply tell ineeda where they are and ineeda will give you the most suitable and nearest options to help or save a life.


ineeda will search through an extensive database of complimentary medical therapies to find the therapy most capable of dealing with your emergency.

ineeda will give you a list of therapists sorted by location nearest to you or the location you gave to ineeda.


ineeda gives you the facility to contact the therapist directly or it offers an effective information service.

ineeda isn’t just for emergencies, it is here to help you find the nearest therapist when you simply don't know where to go.


When you have selected directions to the nearest therapist, ineeda will guide you on the fastest route, be it by car, public transport or on foot. ineeda will be with you every step of the way.

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