Target Audience


Welcome to the National Health Channel, the only healthcare TV channel broadcasting to the NHS, Healthcare Professionals and the General Public on SKY TV, BBC/ITV Freesat and Online.

Each month, the National Health Channel broadcasts exclusive documentaries featuring educational healthcare content which is targeted to all NHS staff, including Hospital Directors, the Chief Executives office, GP's, Hospital Department Heads, Consulting NHS Specialists and the General Public.

All documentaries are structured and scripted around leading healthcare opinion leaders and key corporate suppliers who are in a position to advise and guide the viewer on practical day to day medical and healthcare services and issues. This TV platform is designed to allow commercial sponsors to segment and target their most appropriate market through a filmed medium.

As you would expect each TV program carries a pre-broadcast PR campaign which includes emailing 543,000 staff in hospitals and clinics, 19,214 consultants and all 37,423 GP's throughout the UK.

All programs that are aired on Sky, BBC and ITV Freesat have a potential to be seen by their entire 23 million viewership as well some 25 million viewers in western Europe.

* is the only independent online healthcare community servicing some 2.3 Million healthcare employees. The online TV channel was originally launched as an educational tool to help demonstrate and guide professionals on very specific topics, like wound management, using monitoring equipment and so on. However over the past years the viewing audience has exploded and the requests for different subjects has increased beyond what we had originally intended.

Sample Documentary: The Orthopaedic Revolution (30min)

An in-depth look at the next generation of Orthopaedic technologies enabling patients to live longer and enjoy more active lives.

Target Audience: Orthopaedic professionals and related departments in the NHS and wider healthcare sector.

Sample Case Study: Smith & Nephew (5min)

The Case Study is included as editorial in the 30-minute documentary 'The Orthopaedic Revolution'. This is not an advertisement as the content is educational and informative about a new procedure being used in Orthopaedics. The content is written, filmed and edited in a documentary style which seamlessly slots into the main documentary but can also be used on its own by Smith & Nephew (ie. Conferences, Meetings, Websites etc).

After a film is broadcast (on Sky, BBC/ITV Freesat), documentary contributors receive their individual Case Study (normally 5 to 8 minutes) in the following formats to use without licence:

  • 2 DVD Masters (you can make copies directly from these).
  • 1 Multimedia Master with various formats:
    1. WMV for Windows media player
    2. MPG for MP4 players / iPods / Smartphones / Tablets
    3. FLV for online streaming (ie. YouTube)
    4. MOV for QuickTime players (used by Mac users)
    5. 3GP for mobile phones
  • Contributors also receive all rushes (Extra footage used to produce their Case Study created during the shoot which can be used to make more films).